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We're a fast-moving, energetic team of builders dedicated to adding sustainable value to our artisans' and children's lives. 

Varenya Hariharan

Head of Artisan Investment | Company Outreach

Varenya leads artisan investments and company outreach for Earth's Kids. During her Fall 2016 semester, Varenya studied abroad in India, where she was able to witness firsthand the needs of women and children in desperate need of support. After visiting the New Light Organization in Kolkata, a nonprofit heavily involved in protecting trafficked women and children, she felt that Earth’s Kids offered the perfect opportunity to stay active in helping her native country fix the pressing educational and trafficking issues it faced.

When Varenya isn't busy growing Earth's Kids, she also enjoys singing a cappella and Bhangra dancing. Varenya is a Senior Psychology and Hispanic Studies Double Major at Davidson College, and comes to us from Houston, Texas.

Gabe Dorit-Kendall

Head of Finance | Operations

Promoted from intern after his second day at Earth's Kids, Gabe heads the exploration for new channels of financial growth. Gabe joined the team as a sophomore in 2014 and has been vital to Earth's Kids development over the years. He signed on to double the team size because he realized the potential that Earth's Kids has in adding sustainable value to individuals' lives around the world. 

When he's not busy ideating new strategies for growth and success, Gabe enjoys growing the hedge fund he and his friends started in college, playing soccer, and occasionally traveling around Asia. He is a Senior Political Science Major at Davidson College, and has the pleasure of calling Northampton, Massachusetts, home. 

Andy Baay

head of user experience & design 

Given Andy's love of user-experience design, he designs our digital presence and customer interface. He joined the Earth's Kids team at the end of his Junior Year at Davidson College because he was excited for the company's potential to grow tremendously over the next few years. 

When he's not off coding, you can find Andy mountain biking, 3D-printing, or watching the Dallas Cowboys! Andy is a Senior Bioinformatics Major (casual) at Davidson and hails from Amarillo, Texas. 


Ben Arkin

Head of Corporate Partnerships and Strategic Growth

Ben heads the financial projection process, grant writing, and the corporate partnership process for Earth’s Kids. He joined the Earth’s Kids team in 2016 because he loves the fact that the Earth’s Kids model can have such a positive impact on both the artisans and the children who benefit from the reinvestment of profits. His believes Earth’s Kids has the potential to be incredibly successful in providing quality products to consumers that optimize social impact and money spent.

When Ben is not busy crunching numbers and helping scale EK's impact, he enjoys shanking drives on the golf course, being outdoors as much as possible, and listening to live music. Ben is a graduate of Davidson College and works as an investment banker at Bourne Partners in Charlotte, NC. He also had the pleasure of attending both high school and college with EK's founder, Shea Parikh.

Natalie Stern

Head of Marketing & Social Media

Natalie joined in 2015 and has contributed so much spirit and energy to the Earth's Kids team. Her vision for EK as a dynamic organization capable of having a lasting impact on so many individuals has kept us grounded in our goals and daily operations. Her social media savvy and know-how has helped EK share our story and inspire individuals to join our mission. 

When Natalie's not busy establishing the Earth's Kids brand, you can find her beekeeping, watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians, or looking after her succulents! She is a Senior Art History Major at Davidson College and comes to us from New York City.

Shea Parikh

Founder | Executive Director

Shea started EK during his sophomore year at Davidson College while studying abroad in India. He met the Poondhazhir Women's Self-Help Group, and saw an opportunity to solve a problem. He created what is now the Earth's Kids because he saw a chance to directly fuel job creation for struggling artisans in remote parts of the world while diverting profits to children in need. He'll be the first one to tell you that EK isn't changing the world, but his vision for Earth's Kids is to start a movement where consumers understand the power they have in tackling some of our largest issues.

When Shea isn't taking inventory on hundreds of artisan bags stashed in his room, he loves taking bad photographs, building lopsided furniture, and people watching (in the least creepiest way possible). He has the pleasure of calling Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, home!

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