100% of the profits from your purchase are used to better a child's future

How does it work?

Bangalore, India

Our community in Bangalore is where the majority of our profit is reinvested. We were able to launch a partnership with Rippled Purpose, an organization that built a school for this community in Bangalore. The NEST project, which stands for Non-Formal Education and Skills Training, serves 82 unschooled children who have either escaped, or who are vulnerable to falling into trafficking networks. In addition to this program, there is the Women's Empowerment Initiative (WEAVES) that provides social services, medial help and valuable life skill training for girls and young women living in these same communities. 

Conventional wisdom associates educations as the tool that fuels a career. However, for these high-risk communities, it is so much more.

The educational programs that we are able to provide in conjunction with Rippled Purpose is arguably the most effective way of escaping human trafficking networks—including child labor camps and sex trafficking rings.

So we utilize the revenue stream from the artisan products to directly support these children. One of the most significant project we've taken on so far was addressing something that impacted the children on a daily basis. Many children wore the same thing to class every single day, something that inevitably plays into a child's confidence in the classroom. There was no tangible items that the children could be proud of. So we wanted to change that by purchasing two sets of full uniforms for each child.        

Kathmandu, Nepal

Following the series of earthquakes that devastated Nepal in Spring of 2015, we partnered with the Lekshey Ling Buddhist Monk Orphanage in Kathmandu. Parts of the orphanage had collapsed, other parts had been completely flooded and all of the children were sleeping in tents on the street. The orphanage needed very basic supplies and they were running extremely low on cash flow. We launched an emergency campaign and were able to piece together $1000 in supplies that would help keep the orphanage afloat.   

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