$2700 Needed to Purchase A/C Units


Earth's Kids is a testament to the belief that if you have the capability to add value to one individual's life in a meaningful way, you should do it. EK was founded not with a vision to end child trafficking or to alleviate economic inequalities, but rather a simple effort to lend a helping hand to 10 women in a remote village outside Pondicherry, India. It was an effort to help these women scale their business to a global market that would provide a sustainable income for themselves and their families and then the realization that EK could reinvest 100% of the profits it was making from selling the artisan bags to support the educational development of child trafficking victims. 

Both child trafficking and economic empowerment are incredibly complex problems to solve.  Since the inception of EK, it was understood that our efforts were not going to solve these problems. In the grand scheme of things, EK isn’t even scratching the surface. And we’re okay with that. Because the way we look at it, if we could add sustainable value to at least one individual’s life, then all of our efforts are worth it.

To date, we’ve been able to add value to 17 talented artisans, 82 children in Bangalore, India, and hundreds of consumers that have gained insight into the power their dollars can have in tackling issues larger than themselves.

So we ask that this trend continues with a new project we’re calling ACt One. This is the pilot version of our new impact model where we open up the sales of artisan products with the goal of achieving one specific revenue target to solve one specific problem.

Right now, as the smoldering Indian summer approaches, one of our partner schools—the NEST school in Bangalore, India (which works with children vulnerable to child trafficking)—is operating under a tin roof and no A/C units. Think back to the time you were in elementary school and try to imagine what it would be like as a child trying to focus in what is essentially a massive microwave.

ACt One at the surface level is simply an effort to generate $2700 to purchase two industrial A/C units for our partner school. Great. However, the way we look at it, ACt One is a testament to that original belief that if you have the capability to add value to someone else's life in a meaningful way, you should do it. At the core, this initiative is an effort to generate $2700 so we together can create an environment conducive for learning and community building. $2700 to realize that our purchasing power, as consumers, has the ability to completely revolutionize the experience of a child in need.

Though significant, we know the impact we're making as an organization is small. But you can scale that impact. Purchase an artisan bag. Make a donation. Spread the good word. You as an individual have the ability to add real, sustainable value to someone else’s life in a meaningful way. No matter how big or how small, we think you should do it.